Community Governance & Engagement

Since the reformation era happened in 1998, the public has increasingly demanded the realization of a clean and authoritative government in order to achieve fairest national economic growth for the prosperous society. With the implementation of the Good Public Governance, the public expects that the government is able to organize and manage resources for development, implement empowerment, and provide services that are in line with the principle of democracy. Implementation of good governance needs to be implemented at all levels of government institutions, whether executive, legislative, judiciary at central and regional levels.

… The government who can represent their citizens and be accountable to their citizens, will encourage a stronger, prosperous, fair, and peaceful nation …

IDeA provides insights and services to the government in overseeing various initiatives of bureaucracy reformation, governance, and resources. IDeA believes that to implement a clean governance, responsive, and accountable, the elements of civil society involvement is absolutely necessary. The effort to involve civil society in the entire cycle of development planning and implementation will ensure the result of development and there is no community left behind or marginalized to benefit the development.

Professionals of IDeA have experiences in implementing a variety of initiatives community governance and engagement programs, as the following:

  • Bureaucracy Reformation
  • REDD+
  • Open Government (
  • Unit Pengelolaan Kinerja