Digital Government

Digital technology is the key enabler for improving the quality of public services in order to be simpler, easier, more affordable, more clear, more certain, and also faster. Digital technology is not solely via the internet, but also through the use of digital media such as SMS, MMS, CCTV, digital cards, biometrics, tracking system, and also more conventional technologies such as radio, telephone, fax, and TV. The use of digital technology allows the government to always stay connected digitally with citizens (G2C), with employees (G2E), with businesses (G2B), and inter-government (G2G).

… The online service is 20 times cheaper than by using the phone, 30 times cheaper than by using a post, and 50 times cheaper than by face to face …

IDeA assists government in developing and managing a variety of digital platforms as a connecting device with the public needs, tool of monitoring and controlling the performance, as well as submission of data and information to be reprocessed by the community proactively. Through the efforts of digital government, it would be more transparent by conducting a various activities in order to gain greater trust from the public. The government can open up new channels of communication and maintain connectivity with the public through variety of social media networks like Skype, Facebook, Twitter. Various views and complaints from the public could be responded by the government more easily and more quickly.

Challenges ahead of each institution and government is the same, such as how can they do more greater with limited resources. Various efficiency have been demonstrated by the use of online services. The services of official travel electronically in a ministry is able to save on the budget 36.7% below the SBM (standard input costs), or about 10.8% below the market price. Procurement by online can push the price up to Rp 25 million for each official vehicles. However, the purpose of the Digital Government is not just for cost reduction, but also providing excellent service to all citizens and businesses, providing a sense of comfort because the government will always be present any time, anywhere and in ways which is desired by the public.

Professionals of IDeA have experience in implementing various initiatives and digital government program, as the following: