Law Enforcement & Justice for All

Justice and law enforcement is an essential part to achieve the nation’s welfare. Economic growth is not valuable without any reformation of legal sector, ranging from the establishment of laws to implementation. The problem faced by Indonesia in the field of law is very diverse: corruption, overlapping regulations, flawed implementation of the regulation, the lack of public participation in establishment of law, up to the effectiveness of law enforcement issues. The problem that sometimes overlooked is how to implement the rules in the field to achieve its objectives.

… The purpose of the law is not automatically achieved only by written regulation. If the law can not represent policy direction and can not be implemented effectively, then the law would only be a constraint, rather than as an enabler to achieve justice and prosperity …

In this sector, IDeA can help both government and communities related to the legal establishment until its implementation. In terms of the legal establishment, IDeA can help to design a public participation process, review the regulation of the sector, as well as the simulation of policy implementation that will be written into the form of regulations to detect potential problems and identify solutions. In terms of law enforcement, IDeA can support the improvement of system and business process, increasing capacity of law enforcement, coordination and chain works development, as well as the formulation of a strategy to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement in the sector.

Given the corruption remains as one of the main issues in Indonesia, IDeA particularly commits to helping government and communities in developing tools and anti-corruption strategy, corruption potential recommendation in the sector, and education.

Professionals of IDeA have experiences in implementing a variety of initiatives law enforcement and justice for all programs, as the following:

  • Regulations Review in the Field of Environment, Forestry, Investment, Energy, and Establishment Regulations
  • Eradication of Law Mafia, Including Prison Reformation
  • Strategi Nasional Pemberantasan dan Pencegahan Korupsi
  • Asset Recovery Strategy on Domestic and Foreign
  • Eradication of Illegal, Unregulated, Unreported Fishing
  • International Arbitration Strategies
  • Design and Implementation of Welfare Program, Including Healthcare (BPJS)